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The main goal of the Green Rail Association officially founded on September 17th, 2021 is the coordinated development of emission-free transport so that investments in the development and production of vehicles, but also in the construction of related infrastructure are efficient and affordable for carriers and customers. At the same time, the association wants to be a partner of the state government and regional governments in creating the necessary legislative framework for this important change within the framework of the Green Deal for Europe.

The members of the association are the carriers themselves, vehicle manufacturers, academia and other companies with an impact on the railway sector and the railway industry in the Czech Republic.







Václav Nebeský, LL.M.
Václav Nebeský studied transport management, marketing and logistics at the Jan Perner Faculty of Transport, University of Pardubice and obtained the title of Corporate Master of Laws (LL.M.) at CEMI. He began his career in the Czech Railways Group, where he worked both in Czech Railways itself and in the management of its subsidiaries. He then worked in the top positions of various technology companies in the private sector. He worked as a consultant and later as a deputy minister at the Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic. He was a member of the Steering Committee of Czech Railways and a member of the Government Council for the Information Society. From 2019 to 2020, he returned to Czech Railways as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer and remained in the group's top management until 2022. He has extensive experience in managing companies in the field of transport and informatics as well as state administration. He has been the Honorary President of the Green Rail Association since 2022.

Antonín Felber
Antonín Felber studied technical cybernetics at the Czech Technical University in Prague. For over ten years he worked in the management of various technology companies in the Czech Republic and from 2018 to 2021 he was the Head of Sales and Business Development of the Swiss company HaslerRail in Bern. He has extensive experience in the railway sector not only in the Czech but also in foreign markets. He has been the Executive Director of the Green Rail Association since 2022.

Press Release

29. 4. 2022

Václav Nebeský is the honorary president of the Green Rail Association.

Press Release 29.04.2022 - Download

28. 1. 2022

Antonin Felber was confirmed as the executive director of the Green Rail Association. At the same time, another full member of the association was accepted, namely ČEZ ESCO.

Press Release 28.01.2022 - Download

Medallions of member companies

CZ LOKO is one of the most important companies in Central European railway engineering. Based on more than 170 years of experience, it implements projects for the development, construction, production and modernization of rolling stock, including a comprehensive solution for after-sales service and maintenance program throughout the life of the vehicles. The current portfolio of CZ LOKO is now being expanded by hybrid and dual vehicles with the aim of achieving the most efficient and ecological operation of CZ LOKO products.

After more than 160 years of existence, Škoda Transportation, a direct successor to the engineering plants founded in 1859 by Count Wallenstein, is one of the major European companies in the field of transport engineering. The main products mainly include low-floor trams, trolleybuses, electric locomotives, suburban train units, electric motors and complete propulsions for transport systems. It also deals with developments in digitization, IT and, of course, technology for vehicles and other industries.

ČD Cargo is the largest Czech railway freight carrier offering the transport of a wide range of goods from raw materials to products with high added value, transport of containers, special shipments, rental of railway wagons, sidings and other additional services. With an annual volume of goods transport, ČD Cargo is one of the largest railway carriers within the EU member states.

Czech Railways is the largest railway company in the Czech Republic. The Czech Railways Group includes Czech Railways (a railway carrier in passenger transport) and its subsidiaries, including the rail freight carrier ČD Cargo. With its 24,000 employees, the Czech Railways Group is one of the largest employers in the Czech Republic and one of the largest Czech companies by consolidated sales.

Siemens Mobility is a leader in rail transport technology and is constantly innovating its portfolio in key areas such as rolling stock, rail automation and electrification, turnkey transport solutions and related services. Thanks to digitalisation, Siemens Mobility enables transport operators around the world to build intelligent infrastructure and continuously increase its value throughout its entire life cycle, increasing the quality of passenger services, including guaranteed availability.

The College of Logistics is a private technical university, offering – as the only one in the Czech Republic – three levels of tertiary education (Bc., Ing., PhD.) in the unique study program Logistics. The main goal of the study programs is to educate experts for specific professions in transport logistics, services and information management. College graduates are becoming sought-after employees of major Czech and multinational companies, not only in the logistics industry.

GX Corpfin develops, produces and supplies electronic devices for monitoring the position, fuel consumption and operating parameters of rail vehicles under the FleetEye brand. The first generation of the FleetEye system was developed already in 2005. FleetEye systems enable railway operators to evaluate traffic quickly and efficiently for all levels of fleet management and administration. Currently, the FleetEye system is installed on more than 850 locomotives and 5.000 railway cars in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

ČMŽO – elektronika is a company focusing on the design, development and production of control, safety and support systems, their integration and installation in railway vehicles, especially national train signalling systems and ETCS.

It also deals with renovations of interiors, exteriors and overall modernization / revitalization of railway vehicles. We rely on the qualifications and expertise of our employees, which are also fundamental elements of our company's success. During our period of activity, we have become one of the main partners for Czech as well as foreign railway operators.

ČEZ ESCO (Energy Service COmpany) is a member of the ČEZ Group and a strategic partner for state administration, local governments and the corporate sector, industrial companies and large companies. Provides comprehensive solutions to energy needs, including energy optimization and energy supply. It operates through subsidiaries on the Czech and Slovak markets. It is also developing other business activities abroad at the European level.

The Railway Administration, a state organisation, was established on 1 January 2003 on the basis of Act No. 77/2002 Coll. as the Railway Infrastructure Administration. Within the meaning of the Railways Act, the Railway Administration ensures the operation of the national and regional railways owned by the state, is responsible for their operability and modernisation and development to the extent necessary to ensure the transport needs of the state and transport service. The Railway Administration is a member of the International Union of Railways (UIC), the Community of European Railways and Infrastructure Companies (CER) and other major railway associations.

The Czech Technical University in Prague is one of the largest and oldest technical universities in Europe. According to Methodology 2017+, it is the best Czech technical university in the group of evaluated technical universities. Currently, CTU has eight faculties (civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, nuclear and physical engineering, architecture, transport, biomedical engineering, information technology). About 18 000 students study there. For the academic year 2022/23, CTU offers its students 350 accredited study programs, of which over 130 are in a foreign language. CTU educates experts in the field of technology, scientists, and managers with knowledge of foreign languages who are dynamic, flexible, and able to quickly adapt to market requirements. According to the results of the Methodology 2017+, CTU was ranked in a group of five technical universities and received the highest-grade A. CTU in Prague is currently in the following positions according to the QS World University Rankings, which evaluated 2 642 universities around the world. In the QS World University Rankings, CTU ranks 378th and 12th in the regional ranking "Emerging Europe and Central Asia". In the evaluation for the field of "Engineering and Technology", CTU is in 175th place, in the field of "Engineering - Civil and Structural" CTU is in 201st-220th place, in the field of "Engineering - Mechanical" in 201st-250th place , in "Engineering – Electrical" at 201st-250th place. In "Physics and Astronomy" at 201st-250th place, "Natural Sciences" at 238th place. In "Computer Science and Information Systems" is at 151st–200th place, in the field of "Material Sciences" at 251st-300th place, in the field of "Mathematics" at 251st-300th place.

The Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice (VŠTE) was founded on April 27th, 2006. It is the youngest Czech public university. The university campus on Okružní Street in České Budějovice is a modern campus with barrier-free access, a brand-new complex of top-quality laboratories and its own kindergarten and elementary school.

VŠTE offers prospective technical and economic study programs (bachelor's and master's): Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Technology and Transport Management, Logistics, Business Economics, Human Resource Management, Business Analytics and Expertise. Study programs in English are also available for foreign students.

VŠTE is professionally oriented – experts from companies are regularly involved in the teaching, and the compulsory internship lasts one whole semester. Thanks to this, graduates find work more easily and often establish a working relationship with the chosen company already during their studies.

The school has a number of student and sports associations, for example hockey, floorball, soccer, e-sports, chess or a drone club. The VŠTE Student Union organizes cultural and sports events, the ESN Buwdeis helps students from abroad, the school also operates an Alumni Club and a Career Center. The barrier-free center also enables people with special educational needs to study. At VŠTE, the “Na Okružní” Podcast is created, and students and academics organize many other activities within the third role of the university.

ČEPRO mainly provides transportation, storage and sale of petroleum products. In this area, it provides transport, storage and special services to other entities. Its mission is also to protect the stocks of state material reserves. At the same time, it operates a network of its own filling stations under the trade name EuroOil. As a responsible company, it also focuses significantly on renewable energy sources and the development of the market for alternative fuels and emission-free transport. ČEPRO is currently working on a number of alternative energy projects in transport, such as the construction of high-performance charging stations, the construction of hydrogen filling stations and “green” hydrogen production (electrolysis), the construction of CNG filling stations and the construction and operation of a natural gas liquefier (LNG) in the warehouse area and others.